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Burns, cuts, bites and ulcers will thank you for applying this healing salve. With Vitamin B, Aloe Vera, and Active Manuka Honey from New Zealand, it's jam-packed with power to heal many skin ailments. Like honey, it's sticky, so you'll want to cover up with a non-stick dressing after application. Caution: Do not use if allergic to bee venom or bee products. Do not use on children under 2. (Do not use if allergic to bee venom or bee products. Do not use on children under 2.)
Item#: C12764
Age: Do not use on children under 2
Size: 2.82 oz
Made In: USA
New Zealand Active Manuka Honey, Aloe Vera, Vitamin B.

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So far we have

by -

So far we have only tried the manuka honey -- Wound Honey -- but it is helping tremendously in my daughter's chronic bed sores so we are going to try the shea butter for our hands.

I have purchased from

by -

I have purchased from your catalog once before & loved everything I got. I read about this product & hope it does all it says. I need a healing agent quickly.

This stuff is awesome.

by -

This stuff is awesome. Thanks for putting it in your catalog. I bought some and it was so good that I've already given it to my mother and need more.

Tried your Wound Honey.

by -

Tried your Wound Honey. Also loaned it to a neighbor who burned his hands at work. He was amazed how quickly it worked to heal the burns.

Wound Honey is miracle

by -

Wound Honey is miracle ointment. It heals my surgical scar and my child's eczema too.

The Honey is great.

by -

The Honey is great. It really works.

This is truly a

by -

This is truly a life saving treatment for bed and pressure sores.I've seen it work wonders with my own eyes.Was even recommended by our doctor, but we already had it!He was pleased to hear that we had it and encouraged its continued use.

This works really well!One

by -

This works really well!One thing that may be obvious but that I didn't consider - honey is sticky!This may limit where or how you can use it because it must be covered or you stick to everything.

Purchased this product for

by -

Purchased this product for my 92-year-old Dad who has a horrible leg ulcer which won't heal.Started using in a few small areas and improvement is already noticeable.Thank you for making this product available.

Quite messy to use

by -

Quite messy to use but its healing power is incredible.Need to have gauze bandages to cover area with, not just a band aid.Definitely will order again.

It was a bit

by -

It was a bit messy to apply, but healed the scrapes on my arms from underbrush fast and without leaving scars....

Works on new wounds

by -

Works on new wounds amazingly well.On older, chronic ones...relieves the discomfort...doesn't heal as well.

Dear Chinaberry,I cannot thank

by -

Dear Chinaberry,I cannot thank you enough for introducing me to the wound honey.As in the NPR story, my mother has had foot ulcers off and on for the past ten years.They are very slow to heal.She started getting another ulcer, so I ordered the wound honey right away.In a matter of a few days, the ulcer began to heal.This product has made a huge impact on her quality of life.I've been a Chinaberry customer for over 20 years and I love the books we've purchased from you.God Bless you and thank you again.

I had to have

by -

I had to have two skin cancers removed from my face. I used this product daily for several weeks and found it to be very helpful with healing and scar reduction. I also used it on other skin problems, such as split cuticles and a small burn on my finger from the toaster, and it worked on healing them.

Love this.I wanted to

by -

Love this.I wanted to try it for a very long time.So glad to be headed into summer with such a fine product.Thanks!

This product is amazing.

by -

This product is amazing. I have been trying to solve a problem of a painful pressure sore on my ear. My doctor suggested a few topical antibiotics, and they didn't work. This product is working! No pain or irritation. I have recommended it to several people.

I loaned my wound

by -

I loaned my wound honey to a neighbor who had an insect bite on her hand that was getting infected.This stuff healed her hand up in a few days.She was delighted.I'm just having a small problem getting the tube back!

I don't know how

by -

I don't know how Wound Honey works, but it works.My son had a lingering shallow wound from removal of a pilonidial cyst.Within ten days the wound was healed and it has not reopened.

Fantastic - a bit

by -

Fantastic - a bit sticky going on but it is a huge hit with rough, chapped winter hands. Love this stuff - they feel better in less than a minute!Highly recommend.

After applying the honey

by -

After applying the honey to my husband's sprained ankle for two days, the swelling reduced in half and he reported a reduction in pain.

Very good stuff!Really helped

by -

Very good stuff!Really helped with my friend who has MRSA and has open wounds. This has helped to heal them up!

I purchased this based

by -

I purchased this based on product reviews as well as recommendation from a herbalist to treat wounds with honey.

After having used this

by -

After having used this product, I am astonished!It is truly a 'miracle' wound healer!

This stuff really works

by -

I have venous insufficiency. That means that the veins in my legs don't work well at all. When I get a scrape, it takes ages for it to scab over, and during that time it is vulnerable to infection. Things are complicated for me because I am allergic to all adhesives. Wound honey is an important part of my defense and recovery system. I put some on a non-stick gauze pad that I bind to the wound, and it greatly speeds the healing process. It is an essential product in my first aid kit.



this stuff is nectar from heaven. My mom is a diabetic, which slows down healing....well,she had a wound on her leg that was beginning to make me nervous. So we tried this and it was healed and GONE practically overnight. I will never doubt this product EVER EVER again. This is a must for keeping in your home medicine cabinet. It is magic.