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Who knew there was a fun and easy way to study for the SAT ®? This game is perfect for teens feeling stressed about the big test. Using these 150 SAT vocabulary flash cards, they'll super-size their vocabulary. It's also full of suggestions for entertaining games, like Teaser or No Teaser, where they say a real or fake answer and people must guess if it's the real deal or not. Or they can come up with their own games! Each card has a challenge on one side and the pronunciation, function, and definition of the word on the other.
Item#: C18036
Age: 12+ years old
Size: 150 cards
Made In: Imported

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When my teen first

by -

When my teen first opened gift she gave me the standard roll of the eyes glossy stare. Later after all gifts were open, she started calling out statements on the cards. Since then a girlfriend and my daughter were upstairs playing them. Considering a teenager's attention span, the cards are a success at our house!


by -

looks fun

I gave it to

by -

I gave it to my two teen daughters for Valentine's Day. They thought it was funny but immediately started reading words out loud to each other.Later in the day we were on a long drive. I was surprised to see that they had packed it and were playing, rather than using their electronics on the drive!

I use these cards

by -

I use these cards with my students and I also use them as inspiration for similar ways to creatively learn and remember vocabulary.I love them and students love them, too.I have found that my students generally do NOT already know these words and I think they should.

We use this to

by -

We use this to learn and use one word per week.Each person in the family has to use the word in normal conversation before we can move on to a new word.It has made learning vocabulary fun!

This will provide good

by -

This will provide good quality dinner conversation for many months as my granddaughter prepares for the SAT.

Any time learning is

by -

Any time learning is fun, it's a good thing. Very effective learning tool.

Just what nephew needed.

by -

Just what nephew needed. My sister so glad I got it

Great way to boost

by -

Great way to boost your vocabulary for life and the SAT!

Very fast delivery. My

by -

Very fast delivery. My academic grandchildren should enjoy this set.

They loved it -

by -

They loved it - thanks!

Excellent stocking stuffer

by -

Granddaughter was thrilled to receive this SAT vocabulary.

We used it in a number of activities over the holidays. What fun!

No resistance!

by -

My son is in 9th grade, so while he hasn't taken the SAT yet, he knows enough about it to get that preparation is key. That being said, he's not a big game guy and not a huge academic student, and we both like this set. He takes it on as a challenge, and we do some cards a few nights a week and both have fun with it. The format is conversational; I'm hoping they issue another set so when we're done with this one we can keep it going! Fun, easy, could be good for car trips too.

Fun and educational for students

by -

Fun and educational for students and the whole family.

SAT vocab words - flash cards

by -

My two grandchildren are enjoying these very much - everything I have ever purchased from Chinaberry has been appreciated by all who received the gifts. The five grandchildren are all recipients of your art crayons - great projects have been created.

So Much Fun!

by -

My 12 year old grandson and I are having a blast with these word teasers. I 'm learning words I don 't know and so is he. We work/play with about 5 cards at a time and then continue using the words in sentences as we go about doing other things.