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Don't let a rainy day get in the way of having some fun! Window Crayons create a splash of color on any glass surface. They are non-toxic and easy to clean with soap and water. On sunny days, the light will shine through larger blocks of color, illuminating them radiantly.
Item#: 2574
Age: 3+ years old
Size: 10 3.75" long window crayons
Made In: Mexico

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Ratings & Reviews

12 reviews

Great crayons

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These crayons are great for writing on windows of home, car, whatever and best of all they wash off pretty easily. We have a big front window and were able to put a big welcome message.

really fun

by -

These crayons are beautiful, and my kids enjoy decorating all our windows! The crayons write easily on glass, and adhere well. The colour doesn't rub off on your clothes if you lean on the glass, even on our patio door. The drawings last for weeks, or can easily be wiped off with a little vinegar in water. A great gift.

Really fun for the kids and easy to clean up!

by -

A house full of children and window crayons are fun for everyone any season of the year. As a parent I was happy to see how easy they clean up with a cloth.

There will always be some in my home

by -

Excellent product! Hours/days/months of use in our home. Vibrant colors, easy to clean- even when it ended up on the (painted) wood trim. We have left pictures up for almost a year and they still wiped clean. I did need to help the 4-year-old with the cleaning (no surprise there) as it took a bit extra rubbing to remove the old lines and some extra wiping to remove a blackish residue that smeared across the window when the children cleaned. No big deal. Sparkling clean now with a new design! These would also be very helpful for older students memorizing biology cycles or chemistry diagrams. I used sharpies on windows in college but would rather use these because they are non-toxic. They even wash out of baby socks when tiny feet find their way to windows!


by -

Mirrors and windows here are in rainbow mood everytime with those crayons. (And they clean up easily)

fun, potentially messy

by -

My daughter spends a lot of time with these window crayons, and I enjoy using them as well, drawing seasonal themes on our windows (snowflakes, etc.). One time we drew an aquatic scene covering all of the windows in our living room... it felt like we were in a fish bowl :) Be sure not to store these near the windows, especially not in direct sunlight, as they are softer than regular crayons and melt easily (they smear on hands while in use as well).

every year we buy a set

by -

We have been getting these crayons for years now. They are a quality product that provides hours of artistic exploration and fun!

Great for Toddlers!

by -

I bought these for my 20 month old to draw on our glass doors as a makeshift easel, since we don't have space for one. They are even better than I expected! Simply wipe off with a damp cloth and it's all cleaned up. Perfect for a child her age since I don't have to worry about her drawing on furniture/ walls with crayons when I turn my back. So far it's come out of everything so easily including fabric. Great product!


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These window crayons are a lot of fun. I actually use them to decorate out bathroom mirrors. They don't look as bold as i imagined on the window and definitely get your hands messy (I would only give to older kids to use), which is why I gave the 4 stars. Overall great product. I am really happy and will buy again.

Window crayon

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These were not that easy to clean off the window and they are not very dark, a little hard to see.

Kid Heaven!

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My 2 and 4 year old love these! Great for adults too! Our kitchen doors are provide endless entertainment now :)