wee wooden mug

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These sturdy wooden mugs hold just a mite of milk, so little sippers can't spill a lot while learning to handle their drink.
Item#: 3295
Size: 2" Tall
Made In: USA
Material: cherry wood

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6 reviews

Very sweet cup

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My 7 month old son has been learning to use this. It is adorable and fun to watch him with it, even if he doesn't get much in his mouth yet. It is definitely something he will grow into and use for a long time--perhaps it will even be a toy when he's older. Very nice product!


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Very sweet little cup that my baby has been using since she was 7 mos old (assisted). I'm turned off by the strong pine smell but my daughter does not seem to mind it. i also think that the wall/lip of the cup is too thick. I imagine she'll use it as a toy with her dolls in the near future.

Good idea....so so practicality

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Bought for my daughter who refused a bottle when I was having trouble breastfeeding. She took to the idea of the cup. However, this cup always retained a strong wooden smell and I think that bothered her a bit. Now it has turned into the perfect cup for her babies :) and is often used for play.

Wee wooden mug

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Our son (9 months old) loves to play with this in the bath. He drinks out of it (we bring clean water to fill it up so he's not drinking bath water) and it bobs around. It's nice to have a wooden toy for the bath. We've had it a couple months and so far it's holding up quite well. I can imagine using to for future tea parties.

A Cute Toy But Less Practical

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I think this little mug is absolutely adorable and it was wonderful as a new object my 7 month old could explore. Now that he is 10 months old he often sips water from the mug at meals. Unfortunately, after a few months the wood has begun to split in 3 different places. So it seems better as an object of exploration for 6-9 month olds and maybe a mug for pretend play for toddlers but the longevity of it as a useful cup is short lived.

Adorable but...

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I love how this cup looks, especially in my 2 year old's hands. However, it is very thick and dribbles out the sides of his mouth when he uses it. It is a nice size for him to handle but our stainless steel cups that are a little bigger are much easier for him.