walking blocks

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Give a boost to the child who can't wait to be big. With these wooden walking blocks, they can traipse around the house and yard while being a whole 6" taller.
Item#: 1003
Age: 4+ years old
Size: 5.75" Tall, 3.75" Wide, 3.5" Deep
Made In: USA
Material: Hardwood with a Non-toxic finish

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Still loved and played with

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I bought these for my then 4year old and they are still played with now that she's 6. Her older sisters still occasionally play with them as well. They are easy enough for a younger child to get, but still challenging for a 6 year old.

Good clean fun

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Sturdy, good quality. My child got the hang of these right around turning three and they are a frequently used outdoor toy.

Better than the plastic ones!

by -

I love that these are so sturdy and well made! My 4 year old on just loves to walk with these on!

Excellent sensory experience

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What a wonderful sensory experience for so many youngsters. From about age 2 or 3 kids begin to balance on these and feel tall and proud, then they figure out the ropes and holding and can being to walk. We first bought these when my 5 year old requested stilts. It took her about 2 months to really figure them out and she comes back to them at different stages of growth. My littler ones have tried much earlier and each learns to walk them in their own way. They are great for really physical kids who need focussed energy and for those who struggle with their bodies in space.

Sturdy, well made, and keep their ankles better protected than flimsy, plastic versions.

What great fun!

by -

These blocks are amazing! They're a great way to focus a distracted mind, and a wonderful introduction to the world of circus activities...

Great Toy!

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This is seriously the best money I've spent on a toy in a long while. My almost 5 year old has spent hours trying to master these and all the neighborhood friends want to use them. He is probably the youngest I personally would be comfortable having use them; just as you can get a decent tumble if you trip. Couldn't be more pleased! The quality is incredible and my boy loves them.

Can't say yet; it's a

by -

Can't say yet; it's a xmas gift

Walking Blocks

by -

Christmas present for grand daughter. She love's them.


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My five-year-old, while not a complete klutz, has always had some trouble with balance. I thought these might help her work on that, and offer a challenge. She managed to get up quickly and is cruising around on them now! Most importantly, she's pleased with herself. Wonderful gift.

A little difficult to master

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I had something similar as a kid. I love the idea. My 4 yo lost interest when he couldn't balance right away but I think he'll go back to it.

Walking Blocks a hit

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What else to say--grandson took to them asap, loves showing off to his Dad!