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You won't believe the sounds that come from this simple yet unique noise maker! Just hold it and move your wrist back and forth to produce thunder, echoes, rumbles, and more wacky sounds. It is so much fun to experiment and see what new sounds you can get out of the Thunder Tube. Great for sound effects, making music, theaters, science demonstrations, and just fun play.
Item#: C28256
Age: 5+ years old
Size: 2.25" diam x 7" L
Made In: Imported

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We think this one

by -

We think this one needs to be used outdoors. It's great fun and calls for thinking and maneuvering, but can be disrupting, especially when three are going at the same time.

This was fun and

by -

This was fun and the adults had the most fun with it.It is noisy but not that bad and and it can be done gently which I think makes the best sound.

Purchased as a gift

by -

Purchased as a gift for husband's older brother who has Downs Syndrome. We tried it out before wrapping - really quite interesting. Joe found it quite curious and liked it - a noise maker, but not too loud.All in all - a fun product.

This was a huge

by -

This was a huge hit with everyone. My 9 year grandson said they use it at school in music class, and was very excited to have one.Very unique and different gift..

This item is even

by -

This item is even better than expected! Amazing what neat sounds and the volume that you can achieve. Nifty! Enjoyed by kids and adults.

As advertised.This thing makes

by -

As advertised.This thing makes the greatest weird sounds.I bought it as a stocking stuffer.

The most amount of

by -

The most amount of fun. Loved by kids and adults alike!!!!

Hecka fun.Three of them

by -

Hecka fun.Three of them in one room is a major adventure!

All the purchases I made

by -

All the purchases I made were gifts that you kindly shipped directly. So I never saw them.

Nor (sadly) have I heard from my grandson, who received them.

thunder stick

by -

Lots of fun. Can get loud.