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The Unicorn's Secret Set 1

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In this magical adventure series, a girl rescues an injured mare, only to discover that it is actually a unicorn. These easy-to-read chapter books with short, beautifully written sentences and compact chapters are both engrossing and accessible for beginning readers. The Unicorn's Secret is an amazingly rare find for children just starting to read. Set 1 includes: Moonsilver , The Silver Thread , The Silver Bracelet , and The Mountains of the Moon .
Item#: C9857
Age: 7 - 10 years old
Size: 7.5"L x 5"W
Made In: USA
Author: Kathleen Duey
Illustrator: Omar Rayyan
Pages: 80 - 96 pages

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The absolute best and

by -

The absolute best and most unique item was the Unicorn series, which was for 'starting chapter' readers but did not have the usual give-away of simplified text/illustrations that are sort of insulting to children. It looked like and was a 'real' book. -- MG, New Orleans, LA

Great series for 9

by -

Great series for 9 and above

I absolutely love this

by -

I absolutely love this series! I bought these books for my granddaughter's 6th birthday. I had to read them first and I can't wait to order the second four books to find out how the journey ends. I know my granddaughter, who loves unicorns, will love these books! Thank you for offering a beginning reader these easy chapter books!

My grand daughter age

by -

My grand daughter age 7 is enjoying reading these books.They also are suitable for reading to a child.I read the first one myself and found it a good read,suitable for the child in all of us!

This is a series

by -

This is a series that is hard to find as a set.My nieces loved getting these as a gift and the call me every time they finish one!I highly recommend these, and the next set in the series, for your avid little readers!

Lovely series with enchanting

by -

Lovely series with enchanting illustrations.Worth paying full price for this set and the second group of 4 books, also through Chinaberry.The books were so great we started hoping someone will make it into a movie.It's wonderful.

I ordered these books

by -

I ordered these books for my granddaughter's 6th birthday and she loves having all 4 read to her.I will be ordering the second set to read to her when she comes for a visit in March.

I purchased these books

by -

I purchased these books for Lily for Christmas and she is delighted with them.She is 10 years old and these books are just perfect for her.

These are books that

by -

These are books that any little girl interested in horses and unicorns will love to have and read.

Wonderfully imagined and beautifully

by -

Wonderfully imagined and beautifully illustrated.I love the story as much as my 6 year old.

My granddaughter loves them

by -

My granddaughter loves them and wants to show them to her teacher.

Great Books!

by -

I purchased the set of "The Unicorn's Secret" for my granddaughter but thought I should read it first, "just in case". She is 9. Well, I read the first one but partway through it I became hooked on the story line. I read them all!! And now she is reading them and we will talk about them when she finishes the set. I am looking forward to reading the second set and she is too.

Child's Point of View

by -

Here is the review from my eight-year-old daughter after reading the first book in the series:I like this book because it is magical and there are so many nice people in it. The lead character,Heart, and the unicorns are brave no matter what happens.

The Unicorn's Secret

by -

The books were a gift for a young cousin and we have not heard yet.