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The Story of Christmas Story Book Set & Advent Calendar

45 Reviews
$12.00 $16.95


The birth of Jesus is delightfully told in this attractive Advent calendar. 24 miniature books, also great as ornaments, are displayed in a beautiful, sturdy case. You'll read one 4-page, full-color mini-board book per day, starting with a map and description of the Holy Land and culminating with the birth of Christ. Children will delight in the sweetly detailed illustrations.
Item#: C15381
Age: 4+ years old
Size: 24 books; 12" x 14" case
Made In: Imported
Illustrator: Carolyn Croll

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45 reviews

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I have been trying

by -

I have been trying to order this the last two years from other companies and it's been out of stock. So glad to finally find it.

I just love this

by -

I just love this calendar. I am using it in Sunday school.

Bought this advent at

by -

Bought this advent at a special price. My children have enjoyed reading each little book that tells about a specific character in the story of the Savior's birth. I do not hang these little books on my tree but keep them in the folder. I want these cute books to last more than one Christmas.

I ordered this Advent

by -

I ordered this Advent calendar for my 6 year old granddaughter and she enjoys very much the daily reading and putting them on her tree,

Beautiful book to enjoy

by -

Beautiful book to enjoy each year, and the stories are geared for 3 on.

We received 'The Story

by -

We received 'The Story of Christmas Storybook Set and Advent Calendar' as a gift more than five years ago.This year we packed up much of our house for a home improvement project, and as December approached, we were unable to find 'The Story of Christmas.'My sons ages 8-13 years and I all love the storybook calendar so much that we ordered a new one from you so that we could enjoy our tradition of reading each book at bedtime and putting a book up on the mantle until we purchased our Christmas tree - at which time the ornament books would be hung on the tree.Stories and illustrations are wonderful.

I ordered one of

by -

I ordered one of these to see if was as described and eagerly waited for its arrival.When I opened this calendar, I was so overjoyed at the quality, beauty, and the true meaning of Christmas, that I hurried and ordered 6 more. I was worried that they might already be out of stock, but as luck would have it I was able to get them.I am going to give them to my married grandchildren so they can share it with their children.I am so pleased with these advent calendars. I cannot give them enough praise.

Our Sunday School preschool

by -

Our Sunday School preschool class teachers purchased The Story of Christmas Advent Calendars as gifts for our 3-5 year old children.We loved the Carolyn Croll illustrations - perfect for young children through elementary age - and the sturdiness of the calendars.Each day's tiny board book "lesson" gives parents an opportunity to chat about the birth of Jesus with their little ones and embellish on the people, places and history of this central event.Finding high quality Christian items is difficult. This Advent Calendar is exceptional.

I love this Advent

by -

I love this Advent story book. I bought this same product many years ago when my children were young. When my son recently got married, I looked for this product and found it at Chinaberry. So I quickly bought it so he could start the tradition of reading the books with lighted Advent candles and hanging them on the tree. It's very sturdy and will last through the years.

The Story of Christmas

by -

The Story of Christmas arrived in perfect shape, well-packed.It is just as shown, made of heavier cardboard and with strong colors. I especially liked the map on the inner left hand cover of Israel, since one of my daughters who is a recipient spent a year there in college. The pictures are stylized, but not juvenile. A nice keepsake.

I have four children

by -

I have four children between the ages of 8 and 4.This calendar comes with tiny mini-books that tell the Christmas story one bit at a time. The anticipation of Christmas happens with the unraveling of the Christmas story each day. Very sturdy design and beautifully illustrated. Finally, an advent calendar with some depth!

What a wonderful Advent

by -

What a wonderful Advent calendar!The tiny books are made of very sturdy cardboard with delightful pictures and the unfolding story of Christmas.I loved the map of Israel and the Scripture passages on the inside of the calendar as well.

How nice to have

by -

How nice to have an Advent Calendar that truly relates to what Advent and Christmas is about!My grandsons (5 and 8) really enjoyed it and the nightly readings.I was tired of the calendars that emphasize presents and candy.We are not a religious family but found this a special keepsake.

I bought them for

by -

I bought them for the youth in our church for a family activity for the advent season.Had many great responses not only from the children but from the parents also that enjoy the time together and remembering the true Christmas story. I believe everyone will enjoy this advent calendar.

A beautiful Advent calendar

by -

A beautiful Advent calendar to enjoy year after year!It's a wonderful way to center yourself each day and focus on the spirit and glory of the season.A great gift for young families to help them start a new tradition during this very busy season!

I bought this for

by -

I bought this for my granddaughters - can't wait to give it to them. It's sturdy and I think will last for years.I like the concept of putting the "books" on the Christmas tree.Good value for a fair price.

Well made and will

by -

Well made and will last from year to year. Like having each day on a string that can be hung on the tree.This is a lovely family activity leading up to the birthday of Jesus.

Finally, an Advent calendar

by -

Finally, an Advent calendar that is truly appropriate for the Advent season as a preparation for a real Christmas instead of the candy and hype that has become the focus of these Holy days.

A beautiful way to

by -

A beautiful way to celebrate the 25 days before Christmas.It has little stories of the events leading to Christ's birth. The little books can be hung from a tree after it is read.

This is the perfect

by -

This is the perfect way to teach the story of Jesus' birth with a little dose at a time for preschoolers. This is just right for my four and two year old grandsons.

Wonderful!My grandchildren love the

by -

Wonderful!My grandchildren love the stories and the fact that they can then hang the little books on the Christmas tree.Their parents wholeheartedly agree.

The calendar is beautiful

by -

The calendar is beautiful and very sturdy! The quality of the colors and stories are excellent. I bought two as gifts for grandchildren and will buy again for sure.

This has been a

by -

This has been a wonderful advent tradition in our family.Kids can read a part of the Christmas story each day in a meaningful preparation for Christmas.Highly recommended!

LOVE this book!The babies

by -

LOVE this book!The babies can take turns hanging each book on the tree after its read and we can count down the days until Christmas too!

This is precious and

by -

This is precious and a wonderful way to share the Story of Christmas with children of all ages.Thank you for having this beautiful item.