the orchard game

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Young children learn many social skills through cooperative game play. This board game for kids consists of a brightly colored board, wooden fruits and baskets and children cooperate to make sure that the harvest of cherries, apples, pears and plums is completed before the raven can eat them. No reading skills are required, and children will enjoy teaching their friends how to play the Haba game.
Item#: 2688
Age: 3 - 6 years old
Size: For 2 or more players
Made In: Germany

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Simply Wonderful

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My children love to play this game! What a versatile game. Shapes, colors, counting can all be taught playing this game. I should also add that if you lose any pieces, Haba will replace them for you free of charge. What a wonderful company! Plus, when they outgrow the game, they can use the fruit for play kitchen and store, etc.


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This is another well made HABA game. I love that this is a cooperative game. Kids learn beginning skills at playing board games and they learn to work together as a team. This is a must have for family game nights.


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This is a fun game. My kids are two years apart, and this was the first game that they could play -- as very young children. It was fun for us to practice playing together, instead of against each other. Gathering baskets of fruit is easy for the kids to imagine, and makes the game colorful and fun.

great first board game

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This is a great introduction to board games... learning how to take turns and roll the die; and it is simple enough for young children to teach other children how to play. And I like that the game pieces are wooden.

Kids LOVE this game!!

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We have had this game for four + years and it has gotten more use than any other game in the closet. The game quality is great and the kids love trying to beat the raven. The game wooden game pieces also have had lots of use outside of the game- in dump trucks, in the play kitchen. Luckily they all make it back to the game box for the next round of Orchard.

A Good Choice

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I got this for my 4-year-old for Christmas based on the stellar reviews here, and it hasn't disappointed. Although the game is simple and entirely based on luck, my daughter enjoyed it so much, and the play moved fast enough, that I even found it enjoyable to play with her. You roll the die to determine which fruit you will pick or whether you will add another piece to the crow puzzle (if the puzzle is completed, the crow wins and the players lose), so it is reminiscent of Candy Land, but because you don't have the anxiety of a 4-year-old who might be losing, and because you don't have any counting of squares, it moves a lot faster and feels a lot less tedious. We won the first time we played, and lost the second--and my daughter took it well, so I would say it's a great choice for a first board game. Technically, because it's a cooperative game, you can even let the child play him- or herself, taking every turn--which might be handy when you get tired of it! One note--the fruit pieces are VERY easy to lose--there are no dips in the board to hold them in place, so if you don't set them carefully on their flat ends, they can roll right off the table (we almost lost an apple before our first game!).