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Whether it is to soothe an upset tummy, ease teething pain or warm a chilly bed, our Soothing Ewe has a bag of cherry stones that, warmed in the oven or chilled in the freezer, help make it all better. These pillows have been used for generations by European mothers to comfort little ones.
Item#: 3989
Size: 8.5" wide
Made In: Germany
Material: 100% organic cotton with cherry stones
Warm cherry stones in the oven or in a microwave. In either case, remove the cover before heating the cherry stones. When using an oven, heat to 200°F and then place the cherry stone bag in the oven for 3-5 minutes. In a microwave, heat for 1-2 minutes. The strength of microwaves varies! In either case, be sure to shake the heated pad to make sure it did not get too hot. Insert cherry stone pillow into cover and enjoy the soothing warmth!

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4 reviews

Wonderful!! and you don't have to own a microwave!!

by -

This is a wonderful thing. looked for a long time for something similar for my kids (and us) that could be thrown in the oven.

It is SO easy and SO quick and makes them feel good. Also a great distractor for whatever it is thats hurting.

I got two, I want more and I'll tell everyone about them.

Its a bit pricey but well worth it I've found.

strong smell

by -

Although I want to love this, my kids don't like the smell of the cherry pits. I don't know if this eventually fades but for now, not so great. Otherwise, it's very soft and warms nicely.

Wool bottoms

by -

I bought these for my sisters baby girl. She says she loves them because theyre the only bottoms that arent too tight on her newborns tummy.

It's great quality. My son

by -

It's great quality. My son uses it every night as a cold pack. We haven't heated it up yet. It is expensive but I'm glad I bought it.