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Skittles is a bowling game common in the United Kingdom. This wooden set may be used inside or outside for a game of your own. Arrange the ten pins in a triangle. Let the fun begin by rolling the ball and knocking down as many pins as you dare. Instructions are included so you and your child can experiment to find your favorite way to play this traditional lawn game.
Item#: 3633
Size: 5" tall, ball is 2.25"
Made In: USA
Material: Solid Birch

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Bargain price for simple design

by -

We had a set of hollow plastic bowling pins and ball. The keyword here is 'had.' Plastic pins during set up, especially when erected by unsteady hands. Pins would fly everywhere when struck. Our kids quickly lost interest and we didn't want to bother playing. We replaced plastic with wood. What a world of difference! Pins do not tumble over during setup. Mom and dad enjoy playing with the kids. The kids will play many rounds of the game and are eager to set up the pins. This toy is well worth the small price for a toy that will last years and years.


by -

My son got this for Christmas and it was his favorite toy he got! Played for hours and everyone joined in! Very sturdy construction!

Great but not using it as intended

by -

My 7 month old is too young to play the game but still loves this toy. He has rently discovered balls and loves chewing on these. And I don't have to worry about the material. He also loves banging the pins together and watching us knock them over. This toy will be used for years to come. Thanks.

Love the skittles haven't given

by -

Love the skittles haven't given them to my son yet as they are a gift. I know he is going to love them and have many years of fun ahead. Great high quality wooden toy


by -

fine and dandy

Great family fun

by -

I think we will enjoy playing with these for many years to come. My 3 year old has fun with it now and my 10 month old loves the balls!

Super fun.

by -

My son loves it. A wonderful gift for any age I think.

skittles bowling set

by -

I loved the wooden set but would have liked to know the size of the bowling pins and ball before I purchased them. I was somewhat dismayed to discover that they were so small. I understand the need to balance to cost of the wood and the purchase price (which was reasonable for me). I will be interested to see how much my 4 year old grandson enjoys playing with them.