Santa's Candle

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Looking for a new Christmas Eve tradition? Santa's Candle is our latest favorite. Leave it on at bedtime, perhaps as your child's nightlight , and the festive glow of its flickering flame will warmly greet Santa when he arrives. In the morning, the first clue he has come is that he has blown out the flame on this LED- sensored candle! How can a flame-free candle be blown out? This is no ordinary candle, and only Santa knows how it works, but it's nice not having to worry about setting anything on fire other than your child's imagination! You'll be using this for years to come.
Item#: C35039
Size: 5" tall
Made In: Imported

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4 reviews


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This is a cute little candle and the fact that you can turn it on and off simply by blowing on it is a nice touch.However, the flame of the candle doesn't light up, only the candlestick does.I liked it well enough to keep it, but I wish the flame lit up like an actual candle is supposed to.

I am giving as

by -

I am giving as a gift so I cant truly review this item but I will have to say it is much smaller than I had thought but still looks nice

Lovely light - much

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Lovely light - much enjoyed by my daughter who will use it well beyond Christmas.Not entirely pleased with Chinaberry's slow shipping to Alaska...item arrived well after the holiday.That was my only disappointment.

This candle has brought

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This candle has brought such delight to our family--and we are all adults!!The candle is beautiful, effective, and fascinating.Thank you for carrying this item.