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Santa Claus: The Book of Secrets

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It's no wonder that the one and only Father Christmas chose author Russell Ince to share the mysteries of Christmas with us. Russell's childhood Christmases on the Isle of Wight were so magical that they left him with a love for Christmas that only grows stronger with each passing year. On Christmas morning 2012, the most magical thing of all occurred: the arrival of a beautifully wrapped gift on Russell's mantelpiece. In the letter that accompanied this gift, Santa Claus himself shared his concerns about the meaning of Christmas becoming lost in our rapidly changing world. After centuries of closely guarding the secrets of Christmas, Santa felt it was time to share them, and that is why he gave Russell the gift of his journal. Because Russell is an illustrator and writer who keeps Christmas alive in his heart all year round, Santa believed that he would know best how to share these secrets. It was shortly after Russell completed his book that I personally had the good fortune of crossing paths with him. (I can't help but wonder if Santa helped orchestrate this meeting.) The more he told me about his book, and the more I told him about Chinaberry, the more we both knew that his book belonged in our catalog. Russell feels strongly that the most powerful way to bring back the magic of Christmas and family togetherness is through traditional family storytelling. His book is designed to be read together with your family each night leading up to Christmas. You will learn secrets such as how Santa Claus first got his job, what he really looks like, how he's able to fly around the entire planet in just one night, and much more. It is with great joy that we bring this book to you.
Item#: C35161
Age: 4+ years old
Made In: United Kingdom
Author: Russell Ince
Pages: 31 pages

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This is a gift

by -

This is a gift for my Dad who has been playing Santa Claus for the past 16 years.

Interesting book-gives some info

by -

Interesting book-gives some info that we haven't come across before such as what kids in other countries leave out for Santa, how Santa was recruited by the elves and how Santa has human helpers among other things. Cool book!

Beautiful to look at

by -

Beautiful to look at and fun to read - lots of thought and love of traditions has gone into this book but it's the way the traditions are woven together into something new that we like.

What an enchantingly illustrated

by -

What an enchantingly illustrated and written book! This will become a family heirloom to be passed down. A very special book I would compare to the lovely JRR Tolkein's "Letters from Father Christmas."

Santa Claus The Book of Secrets

by -

Love this book! Children and adults alike will be fascinated with it. My 6 year old grandson is in love with it! The only drawback is the price. If my grandson hadn't had questions about Santa Claus this year, I might have not been drawn to it because it is very pricey.