rainbow tumbler

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A pleasing rattle and wooden push toy, the Rainbow Tumbler attracts babies and toddlers with its brightly colored balls. The tumbler is light enough to be carried in one hand by a toddler. Crawling babies will enjoy watching it roll away as the balls make a gentle clackety sound.
Item#: 1091
Age: 6m - 18m
Size: 5.5" long, 4" diameter
Made In: USA
Material: locally-harvested red alder (also called Oregon alder) with a non-toxic, food-grade mineral oil finish. All paints and oils are non-toxic and safe for children.
The manufacturer has had their paints independently tested for lead, heavy metals and phthalates and they exceed federal safety guidelines

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Beautiful and versatile

by -

Fun as a rattle, for rolling on the ground and just simple beautiful to look at. My son also likes sticking things in the hole. I love toys like this that have multiple uses and allow the child to explore and discover the many ways to play with it.

Fun for Babies

by -

I got this for my son when he was a baby and 9 years latere after much play it is still like new for his baby sister to continue playing with. Great quality and fun.

Beautiful Tumbler

by -

This toy is beautiful and well made. Our little one loves shaking it like a rattle and loved pushing it around when she was crawling. It has now found a place with our musical toys as a shaker. Our baby does become frustrated from time to time while she is playing with this toy because she really, really wants to take the balls out of the tumbler!

Quality and a little frustrating

by -

I love offering my baby safe wooden toys. I never worried when she put this in her mouth. This toy is safe and quality. My daughter enjoyed rolling it across the floor while listening to it rattle. She would however, get frustrated trying to reach and grab the balls. She really wanted to get the balls out and could not.

Great toy!

by -

my little one loves this toy. Very well made.

Quality Product

by -

At 6 months, it was a bit heavy and big for my child. Now, at 9 months he seems to be enjoying it more.
I love that it makes noise, but it's not overly loud or obnoxious. It's colorful, well made, and perfect for little hands.

i had it sent to

by -

i had it sent to someone as a gift. don't even know if she got it.

Perfect, classic toy

by -

This toy couldn't be more perfect and is exactly what we wanted for our baby. It is a classic gift that will last. The quality couldn't be better. The mellow sound it makes is great and will be enjoyed by all.

Very Sweet

by -

Might be a little big for the tiny hands of the granddaughter for which I brought it...but she will grow into it! The toy is well made, solid & colorful, too!

Well made and colorful toy

by -

My daughter picked this toy out at MommyCon. She kept picking this one specifically, so I bought her one. She loves it.


by -

Great craftsmanship it is exactly as pictured. My grandson's love it.

Beautifully Made Toy

by -

Beautifully made toy that is well worth the price. We are very pleased with our purchase.

Great quality!


My daughter (7 months) loves this toy! I like that it is made from sustainable wood and non-toxic finishes. I don't worry about her chewing on this like I do with a lot of her plastic toys.