rainbow glockenspiel

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Our eight-bar Rainbow Glockenspiel is a wonderful way for children to start making their own music. The wooden base is fully finished and has a sturdy handle for concerts or parades around the yard. Each Rainbow Glockenspiel comes with one wooden mallet.
Item#: 3467
Size: 11" Long, 6.5" Wide
Made In: Poland
Material: Alder wood with natural oil finish

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Beautiful and well-crafted

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Would love this even just to look at on my 2-year old daughter's shelf, but she has such a great time using it I can't keep it up there! It gets thrown around by my 1 year old and still looks like new!

Sounds Wonderful

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We bought this as a gift for our 1 year on her birthday and it is such a beautiful sound, unlike the cheap ones you can buy from any old big box store. Our oldest, 5 years, loves to play the songs she is learning on the piano on this. It was so beautiful to hear her play 'Joy to the World' this last Christmas season.


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We purchased this for our daughter when she was one. It is well made and beautiful. She still plays with it all the time and it is still going strong. My older kids even enjoy playing it.

Beautiful & Sturdy!

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I got this as a gift for my 7 month old, figuring I would use it for him until he can use it himself, but he already reaches out for it, and enjoys banging it with all sorts of items - seems like this well-made instrument can take a pretty good beating! Bonus - the sound is light and really pretty. Overall, a really gorgeous item, at a great price.


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My son received this at age 1 1/2 and still loves it a year later! Everything has held up nicely with very rough play and I only need to replace the mallet because our puppy chewed on it.

Very nice quality

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Very nice quality musical instrument for the price. A beautiful sound.


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Purchased this as a Christmas gift for my 9 month old baby boy. He absolutely loves everything about it. From the beautiful bright colors to the crisp sweet sound when he bangs on it, it is such a joy to hear him playing it throughout the house. I can't wait to purchase more from this wonderful company!

Favorite Christmas gift this year!

by -

Santa brought this for my 2.5 year old son this Christmas. He loved it so much he didn't care to open any other presents. It is beautifully made, smooth and just the right size for a small child. It also sounds lovely. So very pleased with this purchase. Also, the shipping was breathtakingly fast. Excellent!

Exactly what I was looking for!

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This beautifully constructed toy was exactly what I was looking for. Not made in China, but with colorful metal keys for my 1.5-year-old niece to bang away on. This would be a five star review if not for the cheap foam spacers used to keep said keys off the frame. My niece's mother thought they were part of the packing (the foam looks the same) and ripped one off before she realised they were necessary. Whoops! Maybe there could be a warning in the package or a different material altogether.

Lovely Little Instrument

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Perfectly tuned to my piano. Low-cost high-quality instrument on which my under-1-yr-old grandchild is discovering the Western scale by tapping the keys with blocks. (In time, Nova's enclosed mallet will be safe.) Aesthetically pleasing design, too.

Sweet toy for a great price!

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Nice tones for a beginning instrument. Very durable, at least until the dog got ahold of the mallet and divided it in two :-( !! Thinking I can buy a replacement?!

My 10mo old

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This is great, even for my 10mo old. He loves picking it up by the handle, strikes the bars with various toys of his (we put the malot away for now), and it has a good tone compared to others. It's nice that he'll be able to continue to play with it as he gets older.

Lovely toy

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I bought this for my grandson's first birthday and he loves it! The cutout handle is just the right size for his little hand and the weight is perfect for him to hold it. I think he might be a musician in the making. He picked it up right away and held it on his lap to hit the keys, smiling the whole time. It has a nice sound, too. Thank you for such a nice toy reminiscent of simpler times. God bless.

A Beautiful Instrument

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The sound from this glockenspiel is unlike any other we've encountered (it's our third!). The first two we had were also wooden, but of very poor quality. They both broke! The one from Nova is beyond lovely - the sound is beautiful and doesn't have to be tapped very hard. It has taught my 4 year old to play gently for the best sound. My one year old also loves it! The wooden base is gorgeous, too. We've purchased many items form Nova, and this is one of our favorites!

Great find

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Thrilled to acquire this item for great grandson. Little hands can handle. Grasiously made.

Great quality product !

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We really are enjoying this product. Both my 2 yr. old and my 4 yr. old are having fun with it. The sounds of the notes are good.

Just what we needed

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I got this for our youngest child and everyone tends to pick it up and plunk out a tune when it's left out. It's well made and sounds lovely.

Really sweet. Lightweight, well made

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Really sweet. Lightweight, well made and makes a lovely sound.

Rainbow Glockenspiel

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I bought one of these for my daughter from Nova natural years ago. She loved it so much, I decided to get one for my niece the Christmas. It was one of her favorite gifts! A beautiful beginner instrument with a lovely sound.

Fun for a toddler

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I bought it for my 1 year old granddaughter and she loves banging on it.