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Lyra rainbow chalk offers an amazing depth of color. They can inspire chalkboard creations for stories or a rainbow of writing. The chalk comes in 12 colors and is a perfect tool for practicing writing when paired with our blackboard. Both are available separately or as part of our Blackboard & Chalk Set.
Item#: 2739
Age: 3+ years old
Size: 12 3.5" Pieces of Chalk
Made In: Germany

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Know that these are more for art than toddler play

by -

These are beautiful...but stain young hands terribly! More for a young artist than a toddler with a chalkboard easel experimenting....break easily.

Beautiful but break and smudge easily

by -

We got these for my preschooler and while the colours are gorgeous and they go on smooth, I've put them away for when she's much older. They break very easily and get her fingers (and clothes and everything else) smudged with colour that's harder to remove than normal chalk. For the expense, I'd save them for a child who is 6+ and can use them with greater care and precision.

brilliant colours

by -

This chalk goes great with the mini chalkboard. The colours are very bright and make beautiful drawings.

waldorf teacher quality

by -

As a homeschooling mom, I enjoy that these chalks are the same quality as the chalks teachers use in Waldorf schools to draw those beautiful chalk drawings. Expect that some pieces might break in shipping. Though mine were intact, it would have been fine for me, as I intentionally break my chalks into smaller pieces to aid with drawing. The colors are very vibrant (much more so than any chalks I've seen in big box stores). They do create a lot of dust.