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Radius Dental Set - Left Handed - Assorted Colors

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Now you can have all your dental needs addressed in one package. The Radius toothbrush is petroleum free and made to last longer than your average toothbrush (up to 9 months). That means there's less plastic going to the landfill. The travel case is made from 50% recycled plastic and fits either a left or right-handed toothbrush. This left-handed set is designed to make cleaning your teeth and gums easier, as the brush and handle are angled just right. The cranberry dental floss is vegan, made with Candelilla wax. Whether you're giving a gift or wanting an extra toothbrush for travel, this set is an excellent choice for the lefties in your life.
Item#: B16482
Made In: USA

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Ratings & Reviews

5 reviews

I like the way


I like the way it cleans and massages the front of my teeth and gums, but it is so big, it is hard to get to the backs of my teeth.

I was amazed when


I was amazed when I first used this toothbrush.It does a great job.So very impressed.

I was using a


I was using a sonic care toothbrush, but didn't like the noise of it. The advantage of this one is that it has more surface area of brush & the bristles are soft enough to be gentle, but hard enough to get into the crevices. The handle sort of forces me to hold the brush in a way I wouldn't otherwise, so that's a bit awkward. Although, points for offering a lefty version! It also takes some getting used to because it's a much bigger brush than others. Overall, I'm really liking this toothbrush. Much better than regular ones, and easier than electric ones.

Love this....gave everyone this


Love this....gave everyone this toothbrush for Christmas. My dentist even asked, "What are you doing differently Your teeth look great." I cannot believe this product has been invented over 20 years ago and I am just now discovering it.

This is my second


This is my second one, and I also had a great checkup at the dentist a couple of months ago.Would recommend this item to everyone!