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ping pong catapult- 12 balls

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Perfect for storming a block castle, this wooden catapult is ready for action. Simply placing a ball in the cup and stretching back the arms prepares it to fire. Each catapult comes with 12 colored ping pong balls and extra rubber bands.
Item#: 1259
Age: 3 Years and Up
Size: 7.5" Long, 3.25" Wide
Made In: USA
Material: Birch Wood with Plastic Balls
Replacing the Rubber Band: 

1. Take 2 Rubber Bands and without twisting, loop them around the red end of the catapult arm. 

2. Give one simple twist twisting both Rubber Bands together and then feed them through the small space between the joint of the catapult arm and the arm stopper. Sometimes this can be a little tight. 

3. Lift the toy up so the bottom release lever hangs freely and then feed the rubber bands through the space in front of the release lever and loop the rubber bands around the release lever. 

4. Pull back the catapult arm it should lock in place. Test the catapult without ammo by pressing down on the release lever to ensure proper function.  

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Ping Pong Catapault

by -

I purchased the catapault for my son's birthday six months ago, and also purchased a separate pack of replacement rubber bands. (Extras were not included with the catapault.) The original rubber bands have now broken and we neglected to observe how they were attached to the catapault! Yikes! We need directions on how to attach the new rubber bands! We've come up with something, but it is creating too much force. This is a neat, little toy.

Great Gift

by -

We ordered a pair of these for Christmas. They are really fun but we had to guess how to best arm the catapult. Are there instructions to arm it in a specific way? Ours doesn't resemble the picture here

Absolute favorite toy

by -

My 2 and 5 year old girls take non-stop turns with this, fully amused and endless hours of fun hitting different targets. I was a little worried about little fingers getting pinched, but it hasn't happened, and the only ouch came from standing directly in front of the catapult. Deducting 1 star as the rubber band broke on the first day, luckily there was a spare in the packaging.