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Perfect for baking with children, this kitchen tool is practical and adorable! Pull oven racks out with the ears and push them in with the paws. Now baking can be fun and safe for everyone, even your budding little bakers. Each squirrel is handcrafted out of a solid piece of wood, including reclaimed pieces, making each one a unique treasure. Traditionally, the squirrel represents friendship. You'll surely make new friends when you and your nutty squirrel become the best bakers in town.
Item#: C7372
Age: 18+ years old
Size: 9 1/2" x 2 1/2"
Made In: USA

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I bought an oven

by -

I bought an oven squirrel for myself and I love him.

I ordered two one

by -

I ordered two one is like the picture, the other has lots of little knots and flaws. I kept the interesting one for myself and gave the prettier one as a gift.

Gift for a friend

by -

Gift for a friend who Loved it the minute she saw it.She cooks a lot and said, "How did you know I always burn myself on the oven racks, not any more."

The squirrel is really

by -

The squirrel is really cute.Is very sturdy. It is very unique and was really appreciated as a gift.I may still have to get one for myself.

The Pros are it

by -

The Pros are it looks nice and has a good finish. The Cons -- The tail needs a hole so that it can be hung up.

very well made and

by -

very well made and quite a conversation piece. sometimes a little difficult to maneuver the oven rack

I first saw this

by -

I first saw this in the catalog many years ago maybe 8-10 years! and have wanted to get it ever since. I am so happy I finally splurged on it. It is so cute and my kids really love it! It's pretty small, and ours is a much more reddish color than the one shown. Anyway, it makes anything to do with the oven extra special. A very fun and sweet little item, so cheerful in my kitchen, and I'm so glad Chinaberry still carries it after all these years.

I have an electric

by -

I have an electric oven and have had too many potholders catch fire when I pull out the bottom rack. Add in the burns on the forearm from the top rack and you can understand why I think this is the greatest thing. In fact, I liked it so much I ordered four more for my children. As a bonus, it's cute enough to sit on the counter ready to be used. You pull the rack out with the ears and push it in with the space under the chin.

I just love this

by -

I just love this little guy. He is not only useful but well made and cute as he can be. I love that he is hand-made in the US and the price was great. I bought one for myself & then 1 for all the adult females in the family 4 for Christmas - they were a hit.

Very clever item!I bought

by -

Very clever item!I bought one for my husband to put in my Christmas stocking, since I had seen this item several months ago and had been wanting to try it.Hopefully, it will save my hands and forearms from getting burned by the hot oven racks. Plus, it is cute to hang by the stove.

I bought this for

by -

I bought this for myself after burning myself yet again taking a casserole out of the oven. I have an eye disorder and even stationary objects can "move" as I reach for them.My pretty little squirell prevents me from having to get too close to the hot rack as I pull it out or push it into the oven. I am definitely going to use this as a hostess gift as my friends who see this little fellow in action all love him!

I bought these as

by -

I bought these as teacher presents because the school mascot is a squirrel.They loved them, especially the meaning about community.I'm only sorry I didn't keep one for myself!Please note that the eye is only visible on one side. If the inset bead could not be on both sides, then I would have preferred that it was burned in on both sides, but it's a minor detail in an otherwise beautiful product.

I gave this to

by -

I gave this to my mom for Chanukah and she loves it. She uses it all the time because she loves to bake and she is very good at it. She said she thinks of it as just another symbol of our great mother-daughter friendship. When I came over yesterday, I saw that she has proudly displayed it in her kitchen window.

What do you get

by -

What do you get someone who has everything I saw these and thought I'd try them out. I bought three thinking they would be good gifts. Two will be, but the third is staying with me. The workmanship is wonderful so these little guys are a wonderful decorative addition to your kitchen as well as useful.

This oven squirrel is

by -

This oven squirrel is so cute and useful that I ordered eight of them!One for me, and the rest for gifts!As noted by other reviewers, but not an issue for me, the wood is more of a reddish brown color than a brown color.Great gift!

Love it! already bought

by -

Love it! already bought 3 -- one for me and for my 2 daughters. Very helpful to check things cooking in the oven, easy to use, cute, very handy and well made.

I already had one

by -

I already had one of these.It's nicely made, nicely finished and looks cute in the kitchen.It was admired by a friend, so I purchased one for her for Mother's Day.

I love displaying this

by -

I love displaying this beautiful little squirrel in my kitchen!I was forever bumping my hand on hot oven parts.Now I use the oven squirrel to save my skin!

If you are looking

by -

If you are looking for something unique this is definitely the piece to purchase. It's message is one of fun, love and caring. Highly Recommend.

Actually, I think it

by -

Actually, I think it is very cute but I forget to use it even when it is right in front of me. Clever item, though.

I have wanted one

by -

I have wanted one of these for years!The quality is great and it has proved to be very helpful when using my oven.Love it!

These are well made

by -

These are well made and very pretty. I gave two as gifts and they were a big hit.

It is wonderfully made

by -

It is wonderfully made and is as cute as it looks! I love it.

Looks too nice to

by -

Looks too nice to use.Good quality and finish.Made nice gift, recipient was pleased

Unique and well made.Works

by -

Unique and well made.Works well and a good conversation starter.