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The MicrodermaMitt is made from 100% floss silk and contains no synthetic materials or dyes. Its effectiveness comes from how the silk floss is woven. When wet, the fibers swell and form a gentle, non-irritating surface that promotes maximum exfoliation.The result is a fresh, smooth, bump-free body. This mitt even helps treat keratosis pilaris (tiny bumps on the back of arms, thighs, and buttocks) and helps to reduce and prevent ingrown hair as well as razor bumps. To maintain the mitt, just rinse with warm water and air dry after each use. The fibers do wear over time, so it should be replaced every three to four months. Remember, this is not for facial use!
Item#: B18111
Size: 10.5" x 7"
Made In: Turkey
Material: 100% silk

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Ratings & Reviews

61 reviews

After a summer of


After a summer of swimming, my skin was dry and flaky.Exfoliating scrubs and body lotion went only so far to alleviate the condition, but this mitt worked wonders.Just one use produced lusciously smooth and soft skin.

After reading the rave


After reading the rave reviews I expected a lot from this product.. I specifically wanted it for keratosis pilaris. The mitt has improved this somewhat. . .

After the very first


After the very first use, I could tell a difference. My skin felt much smoother and softer.I would definitely recommend this product and will reorder for myself.

Dammitt...(RHYMES with -) it


Dammitt...(RHYMES with -) it works so well! Ordered a second one to use while the other one is in the wash.

Definitely does what it


Definitely does what it describes.Skin was super soft.Doesn't take a lot of work or effort.Will buy again and again...

Definitely scrubs the skin.The


Definitely scrubs the skin.The instructions to wet the skin and turn the shower offto use the mitt is not pleasant....very cold to stand there scrubbing with the water off, so, I disregarded those instructions, and keep the water on now.However, I don't know if that has any impact on the efficacy of the product.

Easy to use and


Easy to use and really does soften and smooth the skin!

Fabulous!The softest skin youve


Fabulous!The softest skin you've ever had. I even use it on my feet which is where I can really see it at work.I use it on my body at the beginning of my shower. I use it on my feet at the very end of my shower giving the thick skin time to soften.You will not be disappointed!

Feels wonderful.Great for exfoliation.Better


Feels wonderful.Great for exfoliation.Better than any other physical scrubs brushes I've tried in past.Very user-friendly.

Great dermabrasion in an


Great dermabrasion in an easy to use format.Much better than plastic scrubber balls or gloves.Easier on the skin, less pulling, and works thoroughly to remove dead skin layers.

Havent used yet however,


Haven't used yet however, gave it good ratingbecause can tell it will be really good for my skin. Thank you.

How did I ever


How did I ever live without this. My skin was immediately smoother. I have large pores and not just on my face. This got rid of those unsightly black heads and smoothed my skin everywhere. Even my daughter noticed my smooth skin!

I can hardly believe


I can hardly believe the difference in my skin in just 2 weeks. It is soft and not bumpy. All the expensive skin creams have not come close to the healing of this body mitt. I love it and highly recommend for skin sufferers. I will now use my skin creams just to smell nice but use the body mitt for healing. Thank you for displaying reviews so me -the skeptic - would at least give it a try. Can't say enough good about it.

I dont usually review


I don't usually review products that I buy but this is so worth taking the time to let others know that IT WORKS!! An amazing product that actually does what it says. I have not found anything else that makes my skin so soft, makes me want to continue to use it. I may be overly hopeful, but it seems to be diminishing my cellulite The circulation improvement alone is worth the cost. Won't be without this mitt!!

I had been wanting


I had been wanting to purchase this for a long time after reading in Isabella's fun and beautiful catalog that it will heal -- I can't think of the name right now but they are tiny little bumps that appear on my upper arms, they kind of come and go but they look unattractive and feel so rough when they are here. The very first time I used it the bumps were completely gone. I couldn't believe it. I use it twice a week with no other products, and my upper arms are smoother then they have ever been. This is an awesome product that delivered fantastic results for me immediately!

I have been using


I have been using the cloth for a month and am quite surprised at the excellent job it has done on my arms and bottom of the feet.My arms are smooth and my feet are getting there... And as a former runner those feet were bad...the key I think is to follow up use immediately with a moisturizer that heals the skin.My arms were red at first after use but now look great...so be patient and do both steps -- exfoliate and repair.

I have keratosis pilaris


I have keratosis pilaris and have tried MANY products to address this condition.The Microdermamitt is far superior to anything I have ever tried and the results are immediate.I followed the directions and was instantly rewarded with smoother skin.Thank you Isabella for finding this mitt.

I have tried many,


I have tried many, many products to address the keratosis pilarsis on my upper arms and thighs -- THIS is the only one that has removed the bumps and left my skin silky smooth. The Microdermamitt is an amazing exfoliant -- thanks Isabella!

I love it and


I love it and will get it again.My old skin feels great.

I love this!It doesnt


I love this!It doesn't chew up my skin or irritate it in any way.It's pure heaven...THIS is the perfect solution for smooth, happy skin, and I don't need lotions at all... I just dampen my skin and use the mitt and my entire body feels refreshed! It was a magical surprise how beautifully and well - and simply and holistically! - this product works.I'm so glad I found it!

I read all the


I read all the reviews, and thought, it couldn't possibly be that good but I had to try it, and it WAS that good!I have had rough and bumpy skin on my upper arms since I was a teenager I'm 50 now and had despaired of ever finding a solution.The Microdermamitt, after one use, worked absolute wonders, not only on my arms, but on my thighs, and dare I say, my butt!My skin feels so silky now, I cannot believe it.I use it 2-3 times a week, and it is absolutely wonderful to have the smoothest, healthiest skin I've had since I was a child.Thank you so much for this fantastic product!

It is amazing how


It is amazing how soft your skin becomes with the Microdermamitt! I will reorder this one faithfully. It works very well with the Cell-U-firm gel after using the mitt in the shower. I live in an area with very cold winters and typically by this time of year my legs are just flaking off dry skin. The mitt takes those layers of dead skin off for you. My only regret is that it is only recommended for 1-2 times a week use -- I'd use it every day if I could!

It is perfect and


It is perfect and does what it is advertised to do.I love using it and the way my skin feels.Follow this up with an body oil on damp skin for maximum smoothness. . .

It seems unlikely that


It seems unlikely that this mitt works with just water, but it is the best exfoliator I have ever used.

Love this item!Exfoliation is


Love this item!Exfoliation is impressive and I have my calendar marked to order another in 4 months.