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Lavender Rosemary Shea Butter Cream

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Made from Shea butter and vitamin E, this hand cream has a lovely, light lavender fragrance and is completely non-greasy. Skin just seems to drink it in. The compact 2 oz container is ideal for carrying in your purse and traveling.
Item#: C15223
Size: 2 oz
Made In: USA
Spring water, organic shea butter, sunflower & olive oils, essential oils of Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) and Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis), vegetable emulsifying wax, glycerine, Vitamin E & citric acid (as a preservative).

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Ratings & Reviews

48 reviews

Nice cream with good

by -

Nice cream with good scent . . . nice and clean . . .

This cream is wonderful.

by -

This cream is wonderful. Please include more things made by this company. Thanks.


by -

This hand cream was really expensive, but I thought I would give it a try due to how great it sounded in the product description. And, like noted, it does make my hands FEEL good -- but it's hard to get past the scent! It says it's lavender-rosemary, but it smells like garden soil


by -

Mainly bought this due to the reviewer in the catalog. Love the smell and texture, but find it doesn't last as long as I wish it would, need to apply frequently. That may be a shea butter thing, though, more than something related to this creme in particular. . .


by -

It works well, good price too, but I found the smell borderline overpowering, and my husband has commented on how strong the smell is.

I purchased one of

by -

I purchased one of these lotions in December. It ended up working perfectly on my husband's winter dry hands, so I still needed one myself. Pus, I have three daughters whose hands easily dry in the winter as well. We ended up purchasing one for each family member, and I expect we'll get more when these run out. Also, the subtle scent is very nice to have on your hands when going to sleep at night.

I love the not-greasy

by -

I love the not-greasy feel but the product is a little too strong on rosemary for me.

Absorbs quickly into skin.

by -

Absorbs quickly into skin. Feels and smells wonderful. Hands are still dry however, though less so.

The fragrance and texture

by -

The fragrance and texture are excellent. I was surprised by the size of the container - smaller than I thought it would be. It feels good on my hands.

this is the only

by -

this is the only item I have used out of the order & I love the product. At some point I will order more!

Delightful to use, great

by -

Delightful to use, great scentand easily absorbed. Very creamy. Just the right size for my purse. I'll be ordering more.

The smell is soothing

by -

The smell is soothing at bedtime and hands feel refreshed. A bit greasy so I don't use during the day.

Pretty container, lovely fragrance.This

by -

Pretty container, lovely fragrance.This hand cream is perfect for a stocking stuffer and will be a convenient travel item.

Nice.Would have preferred less

by -

Nice.Would have preferred less lavender and more rosemary.Takes a bit longer to absorb and stays sticky for a bit.

For months I have

by -

For months I have had sore, cracked and dried cuticles.I have tried every product out there with very poor results.I have looked at this cream for ages in the catalog and thought it was too expensive but at last, at wits end, I thought I would give it a try.As far as I am concerned, this is a miracle in a jar!My cuticles are almost back to normal.The very first time I used it I saw a difference.Next time I order, I'm getting two!

I am a connoisseur

by -

I am a connoisseur of lavender creams and lotions and for hands this is my all time favorite.It is not at all greasy but is thick with a butter-cream texture that is rare to find, I think thanks to the shea butter.I like other lavender lotions, but they are all lighter and without the extra punch the rosemary provides in this Forest House product.I only wish it was sold in larger quantities.

I ordered one jar

by -

I ordered one jar earlier this year hoping that I could avoid painful cracked hands this winter.I admit that I didn't have much hope, but it smelled good, so I thought it was worth a try.Have I ever been pleasantly surprised!It's a very light cream with no greasiness.I apply it several times a day.So far, no cracks or bleeding cuticles.I will definitely order more and keep it handy.

I tried this product,

by -

I tried this product, randomly,the first time,years ago and didn't realize how much I loved it until it was gone!!This time around, I am sharing with many others besides myself!the holidays.We all live in the mountains and share the dry skin, especially when winter weather arrives.Thank you!

My mom was dealing

by -

My mom was dealing with an extremely dry patch of skin on her arm. All of her normal lotions were not working so I tried this after reading the description. It smells a little medicine-ish but her arm is baby smooth now.

Love the smell of

by -

Love the smell of this. I put it on before I go to bed at night as it's very relaxing. Works well on dry skin especially this time of year with all the extra dishwashing and housecleaning. Great product!

A wonderful product -

by -

A wonderful product - this is the first winter in eons my hands feel smooth and so happy!The cream is so rich and I love the sweet subtle scent as well.Thank you Chinaberry!

This cream is lovely!

by -

This cream is lovely! I wash my hands all day at work, and this cream helps manage the dryness without feeling greasy.

Thank you so much!This

by -

Thank you so much!This cream is incredible! It has cleared my psoriasis over the past few years. No doubt about it. I can't say enough about it. Thanks thanks!

This hand cream is

by -

This hand cream is the best I have ever used! My hands feel great and I especially like using it at night as the scent is very relaxing.

I am really picky

by -

I am really picky about skin products, and this one is absolutely fantastic! It's beautifully scented, but not too much so and it's wonderfully moisturizing.