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When you're sitting in rush hour traffic, and the person behind you is impatiently honking their horn, you'll be glad to have this "Kindness Matters" car magnet to give them a friendly reminder. With bright colors and fun shapes, it could be just the message someone needs on a tough day.
Item#: B30113
Size: 5 3/4" diam.
Made In: USA

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Ratings & Reviews

52 reviews

Am not a bumper


Am not a bumper sticker person but this definitive statement is worth putting on display. It's cool and removable!

Aww, I shouldve ordered


Aww, I should've ordered 10 of these to give to everyone in my family... I LOVE this magnet.. I first placed it on my fridge, then I put it in my car so I could possibly spread kindness around.... I just have faith that noone will steal it off my car, that's my fear because if that happened, my faith in mankind will really dissipate...... but in my next order, I'll be buying a couple more...

cant wait to put


can't wait to put it on my car

Colorful and thoughtful message


Colorful and thoughtful message for the back of my car.

Fabulous car magnet! Lots


Fabulous car magnet! Lots of people comment on it favorably

Fits nicely on tailgate


Fits nicely on tailgate of my SUV. Made it through an automated car wash without losing it. Having heard any comments, positive or negative. Larger than I thought it would be that's OK, makes it more visible. My hope is that the message will be motivating.

I bought these magnets,


I bought these magnets, and I display them on both sides of my car.It's funny to see the expression on people's faces when I'm stopped at stoplights.They will get a warm smile on their faces and I smile back. I love the design of this magnet.It is classy and feels a bit like the late 60's one of my favorite times. It makes people think when they read it.It's simple message needs to be spread throughout the world.

I feel so happy


I feel so happy with this magnet attached to the back of my car!If this is the message that you want to convey to others, I highly recommend it, with a couple small warnings 1 it could peel off car paint that already is cracking or chipping and 2 remove the magnet when it's raining.

I have received so


I have received so many positive comments on this magnet. It has been on my car for about 4 months. It is holding up quite nicely. I gifted 2 this Christmas. Thank you!

I have this on


I have this on my refrigerator. I love it!

I love this car


I love this car magnet! I usually don't put things on my car but I made an exception for this. What is says is so poignant and it is so bright and vibrant.It constantly reminds me, and hopefully others that see and read it, to be kind.

I love this little


I love this little statement!I might hope that it would make a driver in a car behind me smile and, perhaps, think about his or her actions.I try to keep the sentiment in mind for myself too!

I LOVE this magnet.


I LOVE this magnet. I now have 2!

i remember that it


i remember that it is on my car and turn to kindness.it's beautiful and easy and makes me smile.

I see these on


I see these on lots of vehicles in my area but ours is on the fridge just to remind the family of this much-needed daily mantra.

I was pleased with


I was pleased with the weight and construction of this magnet. I really had to have it for the saying...so powerful.

Im back for my


I'm back for my second copy. The first one wore out--I don't garage my pickup and I live in a harsh climate, no fault of the bumper magnet--and when I took it off I started paying less attention to how I drive! Had to get another one. Not only does my magnet remind ME to drive better, I hope it sends a message on our local roadways, which have a huge influx of seasonal traffic during the winter.Many frayed nerves and angry drivers. I do see people drive past me and take a look at me, so they must be looking at the magnet and wondering!

In a nation that


In a nation that increasingly glorifies the 'everybody's in it for themselves attitude', somebody has to say it.

Its very stylish, but


It's very stylish, but it never stuck to my car very well, and fell off my car in a matter of weeks.

Just as ordered, great


Just as ordered, great motto!

Love "Kindness Matters," however,


Love "Kindness Matters," however, I find it rather large to place in the window of my car!I may wind up putting it in the window of the entry to my home!

LOVE it and have


LOVE it and have gotten many comments

Love it! It hasnt


Love it! It hasn't helped the driving much around here but it makes me feel better! It looks really cute on my little car too.

Love it!I got three.


Love it!I got three. Kept one and gave the others to my friends for Christmas

Love knowing that when


Love knowing that when someone tailgates me, they can see this sentiment!