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Just Keep Swimming Bracelet

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Announcing our new Just Keep Swimming bracelet, featuring an antiqued silver-plated chain. The three labradorite beads are reminiscent of bubbles coming from the fish's mouth. In addition to these beautiful beads and the pewter silver fish, the words Just Keep Swimming are hand-stamped on the silver alloy charm. What better mantra to keep in mind when times are tough?
Item#: B35842
Size: 7.5" in length
Made In: USA
Material: Labradorite gems, pewter fish charm, hand-stamped nickel silver disk, all with a Lobster Claw Clasp

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Ratings & Reviews

36 reviews

A friends husband passed


A friend's husband passed away recently and I sent her this quote"Grief is like the ocean. It comes on waves ebbing and flowing. Sometimes the water is calm, and sometimes it is overwhelming. All we can do is learn to swim." -Vicki Harrison.Then I found this bracelet.It was perfect and she was so appreciative.Your items have an ability to connect people.

Absolutely beautiful and exactly


Absolutely beautiful and exactly what I was looking for. I have a friend battling cancer and wanted to inspire her to keep at it, even after such a long fight. This is subtle enough and yet inspiring enough. It is simply a beautiful piece of jewelry. It was a big hit.

Beautiful bracelet. Purchased as


Beautiful bracelet. Purchased as a gift and recipient was very happy with it.As always your items hit the mark and are special, one of a kind, and make great gifts.Thanks Isabella!

Bought 2 of these.


Bought 2 of these. Plan on giving to friends suffering from cancer. They are very nice bracelets, just a lil pricey.

Bought bracelet for 26


Bought bracelet for 26 year old daughter with breast cancer. She loved the message of "keep swimming."Wears it all the time.It provides her with positive energy. Thank you.

Good quality. Was out


Good quality. Was out of stock. Well worth the wait. One for my BFF of 50 yrs and one for myself. Isabella was a great find. I did much of my Christmas shopping at Isabella.

Gotten as a gift


Gotten as a gift for a friend - she's wearing it so I guess she liked it.I thought it was very nice.

I bought this as


I bought this as a gift, so I don't know how well it will wear. Very pretty! Stones are nice.

I bought two of


I bought two of these bracelets.One to put in the urn with my brother's ashes when he was buried following a fierce battle with stage four bile duct carcinoma, and one for me so I would always feel close to him even when not open water swimming with SAAto raise money for cancer research. So, this bracelet has special meaning for me.And perhaps for all of us as all of us know someone fighting cancer. Love the fish and clasp that says "Just keep swimming!"

I fell in love


I fell in love with the sentiment of this item and it also appeared very lovely on line. It was sent as a gift and was a very big hit.I am thinking of making a purchase for myself. it is a delightful and meaningful item.

I gave this to


I gave this to my daughter as she struggles with frustration and time management in school.I asked her to wear it every day until the end of the semester and touch it any time she doubted herself to let her know I believe in her and she just needs to keep going, one day at a time.

I love it. It


I love it. It is so pretty and I recently broke my hip. I wear this everyday to remind myself I have to Just Keep Swimming!

I ordered this as


I ordered this as a last minute birthday present for my Pisces daughter who has hit a few bumps in the road.I did not think it would get to me before her birthday, but you guys shipped it right out and it was here in time!She loved it and it looks very nice on her.Thanks

I ordered this bracelet


I ordered this bracelet for my 24 year old niece and she loves it.However, she did say the clasp has come loose a couple of times. I didn't see the bracelet, so I couldn't judge its quality, but am hesitant to order jewelry items in the future.

I really love this


I really love this bracelet.I am a new fan of labradorite!A magical stone that lends to safe exploration of the things we don't experience in this reality.It also serves as a protector of our space.Plus, I love to swim!!!

It is a lovely


It is a lovely little bracelt.My only comment is about the lack of ease in using lobster clasp to close, it can be a 2 person task.Tho't the stones would be a bit larger, but it's a nice item and I'm keeping it after a bit of debating.

It reminds her even


It reminds her even when times are tough, that you just KEEP SWIMMING!

Just what I was


Just what I was hoping for. The labradorites' iridescence and the motto inspires. Just keep swimming, and order this bracelet to remind you.

Love it! I really


Love it! I really like the size....wear it with my watch....looks great and have received compliments....arrived promptly...THANKS!

My youngest daughter has


My youngest daughter has just been diagnosed with breast cancer and is feeling almost overwhelmed. We both, in the past, enjoyed the film, "Finding Nemo" and have often quoted Dori's line to Nemo, "just keep swimming" to each otherwhen life has gotten heavy. At this time this bracelet is the perfect reminder for her to do just that..."Just Keep Swimming." As an extra bonus, it is beautiful and well made. I am so happy to have been able to get this for her. She loves it.

Not particularly flashy -


Not particularly flashy - for some reason I thought the stones were semi-clear, but no matter. The stones are labradorite. I bought the bracelet for my sister, who lost her 14-year old Labrador retriever this year. He loved to swim. She cried.

Perfect gift for swimmers


Perfect gift for swimmers I know....

The only thing I


The only thing I don't like about the bracelet is the lobster claw clasp. It takes 2 people to manage, but since I am alone, very frustrating, and cuts into my get-ready-in-the-morning time. I did finally found a solution....tape the part of the bracelet that keeps slipping off to your wrist, and then clasp it. Necessity is themother of invention!

The perfect gift for


The perfect gift for my swim buddy who is also fond of anything made of labradorite.

This is a cute


This is a cute idea I bought as a gift for an avid swimmer friend. Although the idea is a metaphor for courage, it is also appropriate literally. It's value is in its symbolism and it is a pretty bracelet as well.