how rude!

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Good manners are priceless. That's why this book is so affordable! How Rude! will sell your naturally rebellious young person on the value of being more polite. It covers the gamut of politeness, including the rituals of relating, family life, being a good guest, table manners, and more. There's also expert advice on texting, cell phones, break ups, and bullying. Like money in the bank!
Item#: C7511
Age: 11+ years old
Size: 9"L x 7.25"W
Made In: USA
Author: Alex J Packer, PhD
Pages: 489 pages

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I gave How Rude to

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I gave How Rude to an almost 13 year old; she appears to find it absorbing and entertaining despite the weird look I got when she opened it.

How Rude

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How Rude!

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Given as a gift to a junior high age young man. He did not ˜turn his nose up at it ' and seemed interested in using it as a reference book.

Great service

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Great service