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Hot Cat Toy - Assorted Colors

165 Reviews

Available to ship 10/26


Cats seem to love this catnip toy more than any other we've found. The secret is the 1 1/2 cups of certified organically grown #1 quality catnip leaf and flower. It has four connected cotton links, like a 15" strand of sausages, filled with catnip . Fabric colors vary, we'll choose for you.
Item#: B1855
Size: 15"
Made In: USA

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Ratings & Reviews

165 reviews

Actually I love the


Actually I love the thing. The kitties started to play with it and occasionally pick it up to wrestle with it but then they ignore it for long periods. I wanted more of a response from them. BUT the quality is very strong.

All of my cats


All of my cats love this toy, and they don't like many cat toys.

All of the 8


All of the 8 cats who received this catnip from me gave it 16 paws up!!!!!Kudos to Isabella!!!!!

Annie cat loves Hot


Annie cat loves Hot Cat Toy, aka My Leopard Snake.

Belle gives it 5


Belle gives it 5 stars. Finally a catnip toy she can really get a grip on and get some sorely needed exercise! She's only 12 years old, but who's counting

Best cat toy ever.


Best cat toy ever. I get several so there are no fights. They are sturdy and last a very long time too.

Best catnip toy ever.


Best catnip toy ever. I buy them for all of the cats I know, and even the cats who usually turn up their noses at store bought toys love them.

Cat likes it but


Cat likes it but some days can take it or leave it.

Cats love these. I


Cats love these. I order 3 at a time since each wants its own.

Cats went crazy for


Cats went crazy for these on Christmas.Very happy with this product!

Daisy loves her toy.She


Daisy loves her toy.She slept with it.

From the mouths of


From the mouths of cats: We adore these! We steal them from each other. We drag them. We sleep on them. We roll with them.We leave them for Mommy to trip over, and then we laugh.

Had to buy extra


Had to buy extra of these, so my two cats wouldn't fight over them.Best cat toy EVER!!!!

Have purchased many hot


Have purchased many hot cat toys. My cats love them. Are giving these as gifts this year. Thank you for your wonderful catalog.

I bought 2 of


I bought 2 of these for my 4 cats - HUGE mistake since no one wants to share!!!! Had to put the 2 up until the others I just ordered arrive.

I bought a couple


I bought a couple of these earlier in the year and my cats LOVE them! I bought a couple more for a friend of mines' cats, and they love them as well. They are well made with good catnip

I bought the hot


I bought the hot cat toy for my two finicky felines. I didn't think they'd like it, but with the rave reviews this toy got, I thought I'd give it a try. My youngest, DiFranco, age 6, will not put it down! It's his little girlfriend. He licks it, cuddles with it, rubs all over it, and gets angry if I even think about coming near it. Thanks for this! I'm going to have to order more!!!!!

I bought two of


I bought two of these as I have used them before.One of my indoor cats likes catnip and this toy is the best.We also have a neighbors' cat who doesn't get inside much and he is in a trance with this toy.He is all over it like it is a drug.It is the best catnip toy I have ever bought.Totally worth it.

I get the hot


I get the hot cat toy every year. Best cat toy ever!

I got this for


I got this for my mom's 13 year old cat, Sallie.Sallie LOVED it!She played with it for about 20 minutes then dragged it out to another room where she laid next to it, making sure that it was touching her back, while she took a little nap.Tired from all the play earlier.Mom says when Sallie gets up in the morning, she goes and finds her new 'toy.'She plays with it awhile and then snuggles up to it and takes a nap.

I grow my own


I grow my own catnip in the summer and thought this would be a special Christmas treat for my "babies" who are catnip addicts. While they initially were very interested in this toy, they lost interest after several days. I gave one as a gift and they had the same experience. They do play with it occasionally.

I have 3 cats


I have 3 cats and they all enjoy hugging licking and dragging the this cat nip toy--I always have 3 in the house so they don't take it away from each other.They treat it like a leopard treats a gazelle--they drag it between their legs and will even play fetch with it bringing it to me so I'll throw it for them and then again and again.Who says cats won't play fetchThey will with this toy!

I have bought several


I have bought several of these for gifts. Cats love them!

I have bought these


I have bought these for years. Cats love them and my cat Gumbo drags it around and brings it to me to throw.

I have four cats.Each


I have four cats.Each has their own favorite toys.All four of these cats love this and after several weeks it is still their favorite - I am going to order more for my friends who have cats and to have an extra one for our house.