Weave a Heart Basket for Valentine's Treasures

Posted on January 26 2015

woven-heart-with-handle Weave these little heart baskets from wool felt for Valentine's Day. Fill them with a few treats for someone you love, tuck notes inside and send them to school in lieu of store-bought Valentines, or hang them up in your home as festive decorations. This is a quick and easy craft that kids and adults alike will enjoy. What you'll need: A Woven Heart Basket template, wool felt in red and white (Try our Valentine's Day Felt Set), a needle and thread. Cutting-out-heart Print the Heart Basket Template, cut out the pattern piece, and fold it down the middle along the dotted line. Fold a piece of white felt and place the template along the fold. Trace around with a pencil and cut out. Repeat with the red felt. sliced-heart With the template on top of the felt as your guide, cut along the three solid lines, starting on the fold. Repeat with your second piece of felt. weaving-diagram It's time to start weaving! Lay your two pieces of felt down as shown above, still folded in half. Use the letters and numbers above for clarity when following the weaving instructions. weave-step-1 weaving-steps-2-and-3 Take section A and insert it through 1, around 2, through 3, and around 4. weaving-the-heart Push piece A up as far as it will go to make room for the next pieces. second-row-1 second-row-2 For the second row, weave piece B around 1, through 2, around 3 and into 4. Push B up as far as it will go. finished-heart-baskets Piece C follows the same path as A: through 1, around 2, etc. Piece D follows the instructions for piece B. Cut a 6" strip of felt and sew it onto the front and back of the heart (sandwich the ends between the two colors). Put something sweet in your basket and give it to your Valentine!


  • Jessica Ojala: October 12, 2016

    Hi! Yes, that’s the only sewing, and hot glue would work just as well. Have fun!

  • ildi: October 12, 2016

    I want to do some of these with my 7 year old son! Is the loop on top the only sewing part? I would just give that a quick hot glue gun squirt if that’s the only sewing involved…. Thanks!

  • Jessica Ojala: October 12, 2016

    Hi Miranda,
    Thanks for letting us know! The instructions are now there as well.

  • Miranda: October 12, 2016

    The link to download the instructions only downloads the templates. FYI! Thanks

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