Tie Dyed Easter Eggs

Posted on March 23 2015

tissue-paper-eggs Using bleeding tissue paper (try our Art Tissue Paper), you can create beautiful, tie-dyed eggs for Easter. When wet, the ink from the tissue paper is transferred to the eggshell. Warning: it will also be transferred to fingertips! painting-on-tissue First, hard-boil the eggs. Cut or rip small squares of tissue paper in your desired color palette. Grab a paint brush, a glass of water and some paper towels—you'll want to protect the table as the ink can stain. Place a square of tissue onto your egg and "glue" it in place with a wet paintbrush. Continue to cover the egg with pieces of tissue. You'll notice that the wetter the tissue is, the more the colors bleed together. applying-tissue When your egg is completely covered, let it dry, then peel off the tissue paper to reveal a vibrantly colored egg!


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