Sew Felt Easter Eggs

Posted on March 26 2015

felt-egg-trio Stitch these sweet little felt eggs, filled with wool batting, and hang them up for Easter! Wool felt is an excellent fabric for kids to practice sewing on; it's thick and sturdy, and it doesn't unravel at the edges. It's also forgiving if you make a mistake and need to take out some stitches. Our Easter Felt Set contains enough felt to make three or four eggs in each spring-bright color. Materials: Pastel Felt Set, Wool Batting, embroidery floss, scissors, a needle and a Felt Egg Template (or feel free to make your own!) felt-eggs-materials Print the template and cut out the egg shape. Place it on the felt and trace around it with a pencil. Then cut out the shapes—you'll need two to make an egg. felt-egg-stitches Decorate your egg! Running stitches make great stripes, long stitches are an easy way to do zig-zags, and short vertical stitches or small x's can be polka dots. Have fun mixing up your colors and stitches! stuffing-felt-eggs Place your eggs on top of each other, with the decorated side facing out. Using a simple running stitch, stitch around the egg near the edge, but don't go all the way around. Stop when you're about an inch and a half from where you started. Stuff the egg with wool batting, then continue to sew the rest of the egg. finished-egg Sew a strip of felt or a piece of floss to the top of your egg, and hang it up! felt-easter-eggs


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