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12 hole birthday ring set

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This Birthday Ring Set is a good way to start a beautiful tradition. Place a candle and an ornament in the ring and then add one each year as a physical representation of the ineffable flow of life. You can also use it as a seasonal decoration, alternating ornaments and candles according to the time of the year. Each Set includes a wooden 12-hole birthday ring (comes in 4 quarters), 6 Brass Candle holders , and 12 natural beeswax candles . Ornaments sold separately.

Due to limited supply and high demand, this item is limited to one per customer.
Item#: 2648
Size: 8" diam
Made In: USA & Germany
Material: wood, beeswax, brass

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Lovely but lacking

by -

While the birthday ring is lovely, it is lacking the six additional brass inserts needed to fill all twelve candle holes.<br>
<br>For the price, all 12 insert rings should be included to complete the set.
<br>The inserts are necessary and needed to hold the candles for a proper, secure fit. This is a safety issue.
<br>This item can be used beyond birthdays!
<br>We purchased two sets to use during Advent time on our nature table, lighting one candle each evening as Mary (on her donkey) along with Joseph proceed toward the stable, arriving on the 24th. The next morning, our children awaken to find the baby with them!
<br>This can be a lovely heirloom item if gently handled and passed along to grandchildren for carrying on family traditions.
<br>(note from Nova Natural - the reason we sell birthday rings with less candle holders than holes is because many people like to use birthday ring ornaments in some of the holes. We sell an extra set of 6 birthday ring holders (2645-6) for people who would like more than 6! Thank you for the review!)