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Fill the air with bubbles big and small using the two different wands in this big bubble set. One wand is perfect for creating GIANT bubbles. Pucker up your lips and blow to create gigantic round orbs or draw the wand through the air to create long ones. The other included wand can create tons of little poppable spheres with a single puff. This set also includes a bottle of "bubble juice" that is half the magic (because it works so well!) and a tray to pour the solution into. The wands slot perfectly into it, picking up just the right amount of solution (not too much, not too little) so you can have an afternoon of bubbling fun. Of course, who wants to stop at one afternoon? Pick up a Refill or make your own by mixing 1 cup of dishwashing detergent with 6 cups water and 3 tablespoons glycerin.
Item#: 4591
Age: 5+ years old
Size: Wands are 7.5" in diameter, 11' long at the handle. Solution dish is 8.25" in diameter. Bottle contains 8 ozs. of bubble solution.
Made In: Germany
Material: Wands & dish are hard plastic. Bubble solution is non-toxic & bio-degradable.

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Totally awesome bubble set!

by -

I bought this bubble set for my 5 year old daughter for her birthday this year. We ended up having a stay-at-home party and wanted something that would provide lots of fun. This bubble set is fantastic! Our whole family (both kids and adults) absolutely loved these huge bubbles. When we ran out of bubble juice I made up some more with the recipe posted on this site, the recipe is also great. We took videos of all of us making bubbles...something we'll never forget!

Great bubbles

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We had so much fun with this kit. The soap makes great bubbles - a little goes a long way - and even young kids find the wands easy to use.

Just Okay

by -

The large yellow wand doesn't work at all and the blue one with smaller shapes inside of it makes the smaller bubbles okay, but no large ones. Not sure if this is a product of the wands or the soap, but I was disappointed. Not worth the price.

not enough bubbles

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it only comes with enough bubbles for 3-4 uses. It takes a lot to fill the tray enough to use the large bubbles wands.