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Our Bambino Waldorf Doll is not exactly age-specific. It can be played with in the role of a toddler and wear toddler kinds of clothes. It can also be a baby doll and then changing diapers, dressing and holding can be part of playtime. The doll’s mild features mean it is easy for your child to pretend the doll feels whatever the day may bring to your child. Please Note: Each Bambino doll comes with a diaper. Unfortunately, we no longer offer clothes for this Bambino, but finding or making clothes for her or him can be part of the fun!
Item#: 3811
Age: 2+ years old
Size: 14"
Made In: Peru
Material: organic cotton, wool stuffing
Made by a Social Outreach Cooperative with Fair Labor Standards

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Hours of fun

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We don't actually have the dolls these diapers fit, but my daughter has been putting these diapers on her 24' long-legged monkey for several months now. She adores them! We got them for her after she'd try to put regular diapers on the monkey, but was never satisfied as they were way too big. These are just darling and will fit a range of dolls/animals outside the Waldorf ones here, too.

Great dolls!

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We love these dolls. Our first daughter received a bambino doll for her second birthday. Our second daughter loved it so much we just purchased another one for her second birthday as well. The quality is great. We've had the first one for 3 years and it still looks new. Highly recommend the bambino outfits to go with the bambino doll. So adorable and well made. We also got the nightgown and extra diapers which are fun too.

Beautiful dolls

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We got the girl Waldorf doll, bambino, and outfits for our 4 and 18 mo old girls this Christmas. They love changing the diapers and dressing the dolls. I'm impressed with the quality and materials. These durable dolls are a little stiff brand new but should soften perfectly with some TLC. Thanks for the great product!!

Nice doll

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This is clearly a well-constructed doll, only a couple minuses. First, the diaper it comes with snaps I rather than Velcro, which means a parent has to be the one to take it on an off - a missed opportunity. Second, it's really heavy. The website advises a larger doll for a younger kid for developmental reasons, but it's too heavy for him to carry with him. We bought the bambino toddler clothes to go with it and for the purple set, the lavender sweater hat and shoes pictured on the website do not match the hot pink that actually arrived. We've put the hot pink sweater away and only use the shirt and purple overalls which are as pictured and cute. No fatal flaws really, but for this price, they can do a little better.

A lovely doll, but think through choices

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This is a lovely, well-made doll. I bought it for my 2 year-3 month-old daughter as her "big sister" present--I presented to her at the hospital when she came to meet her baby sister. I wanted her to have a baby to diaper and care for "just like mama." Unfortunately, as another reviewer said, the diapers are tough for kids to put on themselves--it's hard to remember how they fold and then they have to be snapped. But on the positive side, as another (different) reviewer said, the diapers are great for lots of different stuffed animals (so buying the extra set was really helpful in getting my real diapers back). Also, it's a bit frustrating that there is only one set of clothes for this doll, and it's expensive--if we had more different clothes, it might be getting more use. But I don't know. The one thing I'd like to point out to people thinking about which doll to get--I went with the large doll, thinking it would "grow with her" more than a smaller doll, that I thought she would grow out of. The truth is, she has never really fallen in love with "Yellow Baby." Her current favorite doll is about 12", not jointed, lighter and softer--light and easy for her to carry. This is a beautiful doll--it's not a fault of craftsmanship--but it might be overwhelming for a smaller child.

Beautiful doll

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My daughter, at the age of five, received this doll. "Flora"has fulfilled my best expectations. Nearly two years later, she continues to be loved and cared for. Unlike other reviews, I'm glad the diapers are not velcro, since we have some doll clothes that could snag. We have enjoyed making and finding clothes for "Flora."

we love this doll!

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so beautifully made, the perfect size and feel for our 2.5 year old.