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The Amber Teething Necklace is perfectly sized for a toddler. European mothers have sworn by the curative powers of amber for generations, especially for easing teething pain. With a mix of both light and dark shades of pure Baltic amber, it has a different look from the light and dark amber teething necklaces we offer to soothe babies' teething pain. Please Note: The necklace need only be placed against your toddler's skin to impart its soothing properties. The necklace is not intended to be used in your child's mouth.
Item#: 3776
Size: 13.5-14.5" Long (could fit petite women); Due to the handmade nature, size can vary slightly.
Made In: Lithuania
Material: Pure Amber Beads

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Beautiful and Effective

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This is an excellent product: well made, affective and well priced. People often comment on it, just because it is beautiful and then we get to tell them what it is for. Our first son, almost 4, just grew out of it and passed it down to our second son who is 2, who passed his baby one on to our little girl. I am sure it will last through all of our teething days. We have had a much easier teething experience because of it. The entire family is thankful!

Super Necklace

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Both of our sons (ages 5 and 3) have this necklace, and they have worn them every day for the last two years. They have held up amazingly well - definitely a great value!

Worn Every Day

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We bought the Toddler Sized Amber Necklace for our daughter after she outgrew her infant one. She absolutely loves it and wears it every day. The only reason I dropped a star on quality is that we had to replace her first toddler necklace after about six months -- some of the beads cracked and the jagged edge eventually cut through the cord, and she lost it. When our replacement necklace came, it was too short. However, Nova Natural quickly resolved the issue by sending her a new one, and it has lasted a year and a half with no issues!


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We really love the quality of this necklace. Previous necklaces we have purchased were not as good quality. I will definitely order any future necklaces through this site. Has also made for excellent baby shower gifts.

Petite Mother & Daughter Necklaces

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These 'toddler' necklaces fit both my 10-year-old and myself perfectly. I have a 14.5' neck. It helps her with the discomfort of her wiggly and new teeth, and me with pain from inflammation. They are beautiful, too! The clasps are difficult for her, still, so I would have no doubt that a young child would not be able to get these on or off easily. I found that they don't twist the way the instructions say, but rather pull directly out of the bead clasp with a firm hand. They are a great price and quality. Thank you, Nova!

amber love

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My 9 month old son adores his amber necklace. It has such a lovely warm glow to it, and it has soothed him during his teething fits. We have rarely needed anymore supportive care for his teething.

Beautiful and practical

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Don't you just love things whose practicality is eclipsed only by their sheer beauty? This amber necklace is one such item. The colors are warm, the texture is buttery, and the overall 'ooh!' appeal gets my little man happy remarks wherever we go. The overall design has safety in mind, too-- nothing is sacrificed! Simply a lovely product.


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I bought this for my daughter when she was 14 months old. It seemed to have helped with teething. She wore it every day until around 2 and half when she figured out how to take it off. It is very durable as she has pulled on it many times. I always took it off for bathing, but left it on otherwise. I think it might be a bit long. The child is not supposed to get it in their mouth from what I understand, and she could chew on it if she wanted to. I told her when I saw her with it in her mouth to take it out immediately. She hasn't wanted to wear it for about 4 months or so until recently when her little sister (5 months old) just got one (I bought a 11 inch for her from Etsy). I am glad because it is very beautiful, and I love it on her.

So sweet

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The little necklace is so sweet. My three year old loves to wear it... he even tells us it helps him to be strong!

Amber necklaces

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I bought one for a newborn and one for a toddler. Both are beautiful.