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Wildcraft teaches children about medicinal and edible plants as they work cooperatively to collect the herbs and berries Grandmother needs to bake a huckleberry pie. Climbing the mountain path, players are challenged by tummy-ache, bee stings, and hunger...but with the proper application of teamwork and herbs found along the way, everything will be well. Made in the United States of recycled and FSC-certified materials.

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Availability: In stock

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Age : for 1-4 players, ages 4+
Material : Recycled and FSC-Certified materials; 100% Recycleable
Origin : United States

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Customer Reviews

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Fun For Everyone

Review by Kyla

I love this cooperative game. Our whole family has fun working together to get to the huckleberry patch and home before dark. There are really funny ailments to cure and you learn about all the uses of herbs indirectly. A FUN, FUN game that we play weekly.

(Posted on 9/15/14)

Great fun

Review by Patricia

I purchased the Wildcraft herbal adventure game for my 4 year old granddaughter. We had 3 generations playing together & having great fun. I appreciate the concept of cooperation that is fostered by the game. An added bonus was that we all learned something new about uses of plants in our lives!

(Posted on 6/20/13)

Lots of fun for all of us

Review by Courtney

Wildcraft is a cooperative game which means there is no winner or loser, all participants are trying to get home before dark and you can help fellow travelers along the way by supplying the correct plant remedy for their ailment. It's a really beautiful board game and the drawings of the plants are beautiful as well. i was attracted to the game because my husband is an herbalist and I thought it would be a great way for my daughter to connect with her dad. I would recommend it to any family though because the concepts are simple and it's fun to acquire various ailments (which can cause lots of giggles), and then match the plants that can help via simple picture identification.

(Posted on 6/16/13)

3 Items